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Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness book

Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness

...and Like Yourself More

By Alan S. Questel

I have never met anyone who doesn’t want more kindness in their life. Are you kind? Would you like to be kinder?

Kindness is a skill you can develop. This book is a practical guide to creating more kindness in your life towards yourself and others. It takes you through processes you can immediately use in your everyday life.

And there is more… would you like to like yourself more? Intentional Acts of Kindness helps you change how you feel about yourself. Discovering how your kind actions are the means to a more satisfying and happier you.

Explore a wide range of kindness from generosity… to listening… to tough love… and how you can grow your kindness capacity.

This book takes you through a journey of discoveries that makes your world a kinder place.

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